Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Nomemade Beach Art

The photos below are of the art work I have created using rocks, twigs, glass, and ceramics from the beaches of Nome, Alaska.  Inspired by Sharon Nowlan of Nova Scotia.

They come framed in a shadow box.  These items are made for local fundraisers, craft fairs, and art shows.  They are not sold online to be shipped.  So if you really want one and know someone living in Nome willing to deliver to you it can be done.

Headed to Nome sweet Nome.

with blacklight art.


 with blacklight art


Rare red heart shaped beach glass found on the beaches of Nome, Alaska.

Hanging Laundry

Blue King Crab

Island Drummers and Dancers

Kite flying




Baby Jesus

with blacklight art

Roasting marshmellows

Musk Oxen


Nomemade Beach Art magnets

Eskimo Blanket Toss

Salmon Fishing

Wedding (this is an incomplete photo but you get the idea)

 Whale Hunters

Northern Lights


Dry Fish

Family Meeting

Couple on bench

  Berry Picking

Christmas Morning

Laundry- Whites